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Welcome to my home page

If you have come to see me you are probably looking for a professional Italian translator.

Potential Italian clients are out there, waiting to read about your great ideas and products.

You just need to find someone you can trust to reach out to them.

Someone who will convey your message with as much care and attention as you would.
This is how I can help you:

I am a native Italian speaker who lived in Italy for 31 years before moving to the UK in 1996. I started learning English at the age of 4 at the Marymount International School in Rome, where my family lived at the time. I have an in-depth knowledge of both cultures and I consider myself bilingual.

I have translated in a variety of fields since 2005 and my specialisms are renewables, tourism and the environment. I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, as well as an Associate of the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti.

I hold a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting and act as Italian examiner for the Chartered Institute of Linguists. TEFL qualified.

Attention to detail
I take pride in my work and I am prepared to put in the time to fully understand your product and help your ideas achieve success. In addition to my language skills I have access to a wealth of resources and use the latest technology to ensure consistency, accuracy and the highest level of quality throughout my translations.
I understand that translation is just one part of your plan, one of the building blocks of your marketing strategy. I work closely with your team to deliver exactly the project that you need, when you need it. I regularly keep you informed of my progress, so you are always in control. Flexibility and effective communication are among my greatest assets.


Services I offer

I specialise in translation for environmental organisations, the renewable energy sector and the tourism industry
but I am happy to look at projects on other topics and to advise whether I am able to help.
Here is a list of services I provide:


of your existing material, previously translated by others into Italian, with recommendations, where required. Charged by the hour


for your multilingual projects, I can recommend translators working from Italian into English or in other language combinations, whose professionalism I can personally vouch for. This service is free

Translation explained

If you are buying translation for the first time, you may find this booklet very informative.
This is what is going to happen, step by step, once you assign a project to me:

My Quote

On average, I translate 1,600 words per day, though technical texts may require more time. To turn the initial estimate into a realistic quote I will need to see the complete files you want me to translate. If you accept my offer, I will ask you to sign a contract. I abide by the ITI Code of Conduct and apply their Terms and Conditions, to view them please click

Your Brief

If you do have company glossaries or any other reference material I will of course ask for them, to ensure that my work is consistent with your existing brand and style, as one word can have many translations. This is especially (but not exclusively) important for technical translations. I will still provide advice on terminology if required.


This is where I perform my magic, turning your phrases into perfectly crafted and localised equivalents for your Italian-speaking target readers. You may still hear from me during this phase, should I have any questions about the text.


I always make sure that the translation is delivered on time, but reasonable speed is not the same as haste. I check my work very thoroughly as part of our contract, before handing it over to you. I can also arrange for another linguist to proofread, if you wish, for an additional fee.


Finally, when it is all done – and before your completed project goes to print or online – I will offer to check that the overall typesetting and layout still look as they should, for an additional hourly fee.


Translation Tariffs

I apply a very transparent pricing system. The quote you receive at the start will be broken down to the finest detail to give you confidence and avoid surprises later. If the document is a straightforward MS Word, with no special formatting or extensive research required and with a normal delivery deadline, my base rate of £0.10/source (English) word (£100/1000 words) will apply. A minimum flat rate of £30 applies to short texts of up to 250 words with the same characteristics. Surcharges will be added for special formats, complex texts, urgent deadlines, etc. My hourly work is charged at £40/hour.

In Brief

  • Transparent pricing system
  • Detailed breakdown of cost
  • Base rate: 10p/word includes my proofreading (proofreading by a second linguist charged separately)
  • Up to 250 words: GBP 30.00 flat rate
  • Hourly rate: GBP 40.00/hour
  • Regular progress updates

Professional Development

Continuing professional development is an essential part of a Translator’s career.
Here is an outline of some of the most interesting courses, webinars and events I have attended since 2013, with a few links.


I occasionally write articles in English or Italian, mostly on translation topics, that are published by translation journals and online blogs. Here are the links to some of them, if you would like to take a look:


The best way to get in touch with me is by email at:
We can Skype, if you wish, my Skype ID is: Barbara Bonatti Divers
Alternatively, you may prefer to phone me on: +44 (0)7810 476 941
Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about me:
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